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A podcast dedicated to the solo career of Paul McCartney. Hosted by Tom Hunyady and Andy Nicholes.

Episode 169: NEMS and Beatles Merchandising (With Author Terry Crain)

June 11th, 2022

Hi 2Legs Faithful! This time we focus on an episode that is not 100% Paul centric but Beatles focused.

Beatles Merchandising was BIG business in the 1960s. The American Company SELTAEB produced many between 1964-1966 when the marketplace for this merchandise (dolls, "Flip Your Wig Game, Beatles Turntable) etc. NEMS (Northern End Music Stores) was Brian Epstein's family company and the record store was originally located in Whitechapel, City Centre, Liverpool.

This week on 2Legs we are joined by Terry Crain who wrote the book "NEMS and the Business of Selling Beatles Merchandise in the US between 1964-1966". Terry was recently featured as a guest author panel at the NY/NJ Fest and will be appearing at the Chicago Fest in August as well. Terry gives us an overview of this topic, how he met collectors across the USA who kept museums in their homes of these products.

They are shown on display in this episode and photographs can be found in Terry's wonderful book. Here is the link: NEMS & Beatles Merchandising 1964-1966

Terry is a wealth of knowledge in this field that gets overlooked and we thank him for his appearance on 2Legs 

Ranking The Tracks Volume 20! (90s Non-Album Tracks)

June 4th, 2022

From our YouTube Series "Ranking The Tracks" we rank the non album 90s tracks.  Originally streamed April 6th, 2021

Bonus Episode! Ramming On With Denny Seiwell & Fernando Perdomo

May 30th, 2022

A surprise for us! Denny Seiwell & Fernando Perdomo joined us again for a special interview yesterday!

They appeared previously on 2Legs last year when the RAM ON Tribute album first came out. Now the duo that put the tribute album together are back and planning for a live show where the full album will be played start to finish with some of the musicians who appeared on the tribute record at the famous Troubadour club in LA on July 16th.

We are incredibly proud and pleased to share our special bonus episode with Denny & Fernando with you. And if you are in the area in July please go to the show. Tickets can be found here: (https://wl.seetickets.us/wafform.aspx...)

Fernando and Denny tell us how initially it was just going to be a live show of RAM back in 2020/2021 but Covid put that on hold so they ended up doing the album instead. Now they're initial concept is realized! Congrats to Denny & Fernando on putting this together, staying true to the music and spending some time with us today.

Tom & Andy (A Special Thanks to Ethan Alexanian for technical assistance!)

Episode 168: Middle 8’s/Bridges With Dylan Sevey

May 28th, 2022

An episode for the musician! Paul has some excellent Middle 8's (UK) and Bridges (US) in his oeuvre. From The Beatles to his solo career.

Returning again is 2Legs in house musician, producer (and soon to be author - more on that in the show), Dylan Sevey to discuss the art of the Middle 8/Bridge and how McCartney as a writer does this in his music.

The 3 of us discuss some of our favourite Middle 8's/Bridges as they are sometimes a forgotten piece of the songwriting process which people usually focus on Verse/Chorus etc.

What are some of your fav's? Rock on

Episode 167: Tom & Rick’s GOT BACK Experience at SoFi Stadium!

May 21st, 2022

Our very own Tom Hunyady attended the SoFi Show of the GOT BACK tour in Inglewood California on May 13th 2022! Hear how it all came together out of the blue!

Episode 166: ”Hey Jude” (Interview with Author James Campion)

May 14th, 2022

James Campion joins us this week to discuss his new book Take A Sad Song...The Emotional Currency of 'Hey Jude'  which will be published on June 1st, 2022 by Backbeat Publishing.

Link for James' website and book:

James' Website


James discusses his career and writing and why he chose to tackle and analyse one of The Beatles most celebrated songs. Beatles historical context, Paul as a writer during this time and the legacy of 'Hey Jude' some 50+ years later and why the song has such "emotional currency." Tom and Andy definitely agree. We think you will too! Thanks to James and his agent for arranging this interview and we look forward to seeing it succeed!

BONUS EPISODE: ”Flaming Pie at 25”

May 8th, 2022

For a special one off-episode, we commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the 1997 LP Flaming Pie.



Ranking The Tracks, Volume 19! (Flaming Pie, 1997)

May 7th, 2022

From our YouTube Series, "Ranking The Tracks" originally streamed March 31st, 2021. 

Episode 165: ”1989-90 World Tour with Adrian Allan”

April 30th, 2022

Adrian Allan joins us for the 3rd time this week to promote his new book covering the 1989-1990 World Tour. Paul's first world tour since Wings' 75-76. This tour reached many continents and Paul performed in Rio De Janeiro in front of over 180,000 people. Adrian's book covers a wide range of topics including Paul's ecological stances, Britain's politics at the time, and incorporating the "Friends of The Earth" campaign as a part of the tour.

Adrian's Website: https://paulmccartneyafterthebeatles.com/

Episode 164: ”Tug Of War” (40th Anniversary)

April 23rd, 2022

April 1982. April 2022. 40 years.

A milestone anniversary for one of Paul's landmark and best albums, Tug Of War.

This week Tom & Andy are joined by Mitch Axelrod (Fab4Free4All Podcast) to discuss the album, where we picked it up during our fandom. We discuss the origins of the album, the final days of Wings, the tracks, the videos for it, whether 'Ballroom Dancing' would've made for a better 3rd single, is the hate for 'Ebony & Ivory' overdone (we think so) and naturally the post-December 1980 context that the album was made in.

You never know who may be listening to ya. Cheers to Tug of War.  May it continue to shine and be the epic LP Paul will be long remembered for!

Mitch's Link: https://www.fab4free4all.com/

Tom & Andy

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