Episode 217 - “A Is For Apple”

May 27, 2018

2Legs is back! In this special episode we take a look at the very cool and informative series "A is for Apple."  We are pleased to be joined by co-author Axel Korinth.  Axel gives us the rundown on the making of the books and what lies ahead for future volumes.

As an added exclusive 2Legs bonus - we are also joined by contributing author Sara Schmidt who joined the team for Vol.2 and upcoming volumes as well. Sara talks all things Apple Scruffs and their involvement (or interference) on a very special day for Paul. Like what you hear?


For more on the projects produced by Axel Korinth and the team please check out their official Apcor brand site http://www.apcor.net/

For volume 1: http://www.apcor.net/a-is-for-apple-reprint/

For volume 2: http://www.apcor.net/a-is-for-apple-volume-2-the-winter-of-discontent-jan-mar-1969/


Also check out Sara's fantastic website:




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Episode 216 - “Coming Up”

May 12, 2018
2Legs is back! In this special episode Tom Hunyady and David Gargalino give the rundown on all the latest Macca news and rumors!
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Next regular show will be the Back to the Egg Special - Mystery Science 3000 style.

Episode 215 - “Wide Prairie”

May 1, 2018
2Legs is back! Join Tom Hunyady and David Gargalino as they continue their look into the life and career of Linda McCartney. In this episode they take a look at the posthumous release "Wide Prairie" and give their thoughts on the project.
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Episode 214 - “The Lovely Linda”

April 16, 2018
"Maybe I'm Amazed", "My Love", "We Got Married." These songs and more were all inspired by Paul's Muse, Linda McCartney! 2Legs is back with our look at the amazing life Linda lived! Her influence and inspiration is all over Paul's work and it's almost impossible to think what Paul's solo career would sound like if not for Linda! From 1968 to 1998 Linda was there every step of the way.
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Episode 213 - “Pipes of Peace”

March 31, 2018

Hey Hey, 2Legs is Back!  In this special episode Tom and David welcome back author Dr. Kit O'Toole (Songs We Were Singing: Guided Tours Through The Beatles' Lesser-Known Tracks) and Beatles DJ Ken Michaels (Things We Said Today Podcast) as we Say say say what we want about the 1983  album "Pipes of Peace."  Was Paul still "The Man" when this LP came out? Or was he knocked down to just an Average Person?

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You can find Kit's work at www.kitotoole.com   and check out Ken Michaels web page at www.kenmichaelsradio.com 

Remember you cant listen if "It's Not On!"



Episode 211 - “The McCartney Interview” Part 1

March 20, 2018

2Legs is back! In this special episode we are joined by Vic Garbarini. Vis is responsible for conducting the "McCartney Interview" in 1980 for Musician Magazine. The interview later became a Grammy nominated LP. For part 1 of our interview Vic talks about becoming a journalist, starting with Musician Magazine, arriving at MPL and starting the interview. This interview was conducted over the phone so the audio may not be perfect. As always we would love to hear from you. Email us at www.2legspocast@gmail.com You can also find us at our Facebook page 2Legs Podcast and Twitter at 2legspodcast. Upnext Pipes of Peace



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Episode 212 - “Conversations with McCartney”

March 9, 2018

2Legs is back! Tom Hunyady and David Gargalino welcome special guest Paul Du Noyer to the show. Paul talks with us about his career as a rock journalist, interviewing super star musicians like McCartney  and gives us the scoop on the making of his book "Conversations with McCartney." As always we'd love to hear from you. Email us at 2legspodcast@gmail.com or check us out at our Facebook page 2Legs A Paul McCartney podcast or follow us on Twitter @2Legspodcast  Up next the McCartney Interview (for real this time)


Episode 210 - “The Beatles Recording Reference Manual”

February 1, 2018

Mics, speakers and amps oh my! In this new episode of 2Legs hosts Tom Hunyady and David Gargalino get technical with geust Jerry Hammack author of "The Beatles Recording Reference Manual vol 1." You can learn more about vol. 1 @ www.beatlesrecordingreferencemanuals.com/#   Like what you hear? Email us at 2legspodcast@gmail.com or check us out at our Facebook page 2Legs A Paul McCartney podcast and on Twitter @2Legspodcast. As an extra bonus at end of the interview  we have a new feature called "David Speaks!" In this segment David actually asks the guest a question. Next up: "The McCartney Interview!"


Episode 209 - “The Long and Winding Road”

January 15, 2018

2Legs welcomes everyone to 2018!  In this episode, Tom and David look back on the busy world of Paul McCartney, month by month, in 2017.  From legal wranglings to touring highlights to the infamous Archive Collection Release, Flowers in the Dirt, this episode sure packs a retrospective punch.  Such a restrospective look-back gave way to our rememberance of another fantastic (2nd) year as a podcast show. 2Legs is indebted to ALL the authors we've had the honor of interviewing on our show. We also looked towards the future with a taste of a new song written and performed by Paul for Charlotte Gainsbourg called 'Songbird in a Cage.'  This song whet our appetite for discussion of our hopes for the future in 2018; amognst them being the much anticipated follow up album to 2013's NEW and the next set of release(s) for the Archive Collection Series.

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Episode 208 - “Give My Regards To Broad Street”

January 2, 2018

They said "it couldn't be done" or maybe it was "it shouldn't be done!" Well we did it anyways. 2Legs is back with a new, fun episode. Tom Hunyady and David Gargalino do a commentary track for the "Give My Regards To Broad Street" film. David and Tom give some facts and plenty of banter MST3K style. Like what you hear? Email us at 2legspodcast@gmail.com, look for our Facebook page 2Legs A Paul McCartney podcast or on Twitter @2Legspodcast.   Next up: our look back at 2017 and hopes for 2018.