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Episode 306: “NEW”

Episode 306: “NEW”

December 31, 2018

2Legs would like to send out their massive gratitude to everyone whom has followed the show in seasons 2 & 3 in 2018! We are ALWAYS indebted to all of our guests whom have taken their time away from their respective projects to sit down with us for a couple of hours.

This past year probably has been the busiest we've seen in Paul McCartney activity at least since we started this podcast.  There was a lot to reflect on. We are still digesting everything that has been released in the McCartney camp.  There was a little less bickering in 2018 than 2017 but certain things still kicked up the collective public debate.  How many people can you say at the young age of 76 are still relevant in today's ever changing world.

We have been blessed to have received a new Paul McCartney album, the never-ending gigs, as well as the 11th and 12th Archive releases.  Let's reminisce no longer on print and let's take a journey to our minds in audio form on what may become the busiest/most exciting year in the McCartney world in ages.

Thank you for a great 2018 and we expect 2019 to be just as great!




[Editor Note: Tom send his apologies for a couple of events that happened in March but were referenced to February]



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Watch out for Episode 307: Our Review of the new single "Get Enough" - some of us had enough of this song.





Episode 305: “Egypt Station Album Review”

Episode 305: “Egypt Station Album Review”

November 30, 2018
2Legs is back!  The five year long studio album wait is over!  On Sept 7th 2018 Paul McCartney released his 17th solo studio album; his first since 2013's "NEW."  
Just shy of three months after its release, Tom Hunyady is joined by his trusty "confidante" David Gargalino to give their thoughts/opinions on all things Egypt Station.  Will you like our thoughts "I Don't know" but "Who Cares!" Like what you hear? Email us at 2legspodcast@gmail.com or check out our Facebook page 2Legs: A Paul McCartney Podcast.
Editors note: we did drop a couple "F" bombs so if you dont like it "Fuh You!"
2Legs is currently on the run in the month of December but they will be back in January.   
Up Next - Episode 306: Paul McCartney 2018 Year in Review
Episode 304: “Liverpool Oratorio with Allan Kozinn”

Episode 304: “Liverpool Oratorio with Allan Kozinn”

November 12, 2018
In 1988, Paul McCartney was asked to write a piece to commemorate The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra's 150th Anniversary.  Composed with the help of Carl Davis, the eight movement Oratorio premiered in June of 1991.  In the audience that evening was Allan Kozinn; whom was the classical arts writer for the New York Times.  He was there to review the performance.  [As seen originally in print at https://www.nytimes.com/1991/06/29/arts/review-music-crossover-dream-comes-true-liverpool-philharmonic-plays-mccartney-s.html ]  Enjoy the chat between Tom Hunyady and Allan Kozinn to discuss all things Liverpool Oratorio.  David comes back to life at the end for an open discussion with the gang.
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Next up - Episode 305: The 'Egypt Station' Review 2Legs style -  2 month old album to live with along with 2 interesting perspectives.
Episode 303 - “GET IT”

Episode 303 - “GET IT”

October 27, 2018

$$$$2Legs is back and more expensive than ever!  Roughly two months after the release of "Egypt Station" Paul has announced the next batch of archive sets due out on Dec 7th.  But is it too much too soon?  With the "Imagine" set out from a couple weeks ago and the 50th anniversary of the "White Album" due out on Nov. 9th - this new blitz release doesn't give much time for fans to reload their wallets.  Join Tom Hunyady and David Gargalino as they give the quick rundown on the sets.


Editor note: 

The 2Legs team knows this series, since 2010, is called the Archive Collection; across all formats.  However during the show the Deluxe format gets the verbiage designation of the Archive set.  We're one step ahead of everyone to point this nomenclature out.

Episode 302 - “Rockshow Commentary Part II”

Episode 302 - “Rockshow Commentary Part II”

October 9, 2018
THE podcast crossover event of the season continues with part 2 commentary of the 2013 Blu-ray/DVD re-release of "Rockshow" with the guys from "When They Was Fab!"  Ed Chen and Lonnie Pena tag along with the 2Legs team as they discuss many topics; one of which includes the wonderful world of buying tickets - then vs now.  Lonnie so graciously takes us down memory lane to tell us what it was like seeing Paul in 1976.  Flashing forward to the present - Ed gives us a glimpse of things to come as he talks about seeing Paul in Winnipeg back in September on the current "Freshen-Up" tour.
The 2Legs team had a blast with Ed and Lonnie and hope to cross over again!  Luckily no raincoats were needed for this episode.
Look out for - Episdoe 304: "Liverpool Oratorio with Allan Kozinn"
Episode 301 - “The Love We Make”

Episode 301 - “The Love We Make”

September 14, 2018
McCartney fans welcome back to the 3rd season of 2Legs: A Paul McCartney Podcast. 
Join Tom Hunyady and David Gargalino as they discuss and review "The Love We Make" documentary as it was finally released on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  Take a peak into our thoughts on the documentary as well as hear what we were doing during that fateful day.
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Tune-in shortly as our show will be finally broadcasted, amongst the likes of other similar shows, on iTunes.
Welcome back because this is a season to remember!


Episode 219 - “Big Boys Bickering”

Episode 219 - “Big Boys Bickering”

June 21, 2018

The 2Legs season finale is here! Tom Hunyady and David Gargalino give the rundown on last weeks worth of social media album clues of the recently announced Egypt Station due out on Friday September 7th 2018.

David and Tom invite special guest Richard Buskin (yes that Richard Buskin) to the show.  As we all know Richard has had many issues with McCartney's solo career and he takes the time to state his case.  Personal opinons aside - he was the consumate professional and an excellent guest - to which we would welcome him back any time next season and beyond  Please check out Richard's new podcast at www.swingingthroughthesixties.com


As always we love to hear from you.  Email us at www.2legspodcast@gmail.com or reach us on our Facebook page: 2Legs - A Paul McCartney Podcast! As we get ready for our summer break we want to say thank you to all the fans that have stuck with us and all the new fans that took the time to listen we really appreciate it!  Have a Great Day, a Beautiful Night, and excellent summer and watch out for us most likely the week that follows Paul's new album release for our first impressions.

Episode 218 - “Back to the Egg TV Special”

Episode 218 - “Back to the Egg TV Special”

June 11, 2018

2Legs is back!  In effort to promote the latest Wings album and tour,Keef & Co produced (for MPL) a TV special filled with music videos.  The special contained 8 songs; 7 songs from the album and 1 for the non album single "Goodnight Tonight."  Hosts Tom Hunyady and David Gargalino take a closer look at the special with some insight on the making of the special.

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Up Next: Our Season 2 Finale

Episode 217 - “A Is For Apple”

Episode 217 - “A Is For Apple”

May 27, 2018

2Legs is back! In this special episode we take a look at the very cool and informative series "A is for Apple."  We are pleased to be joined by co-author Axel Korinth.  Axel gives us the rundown on the making of the books and what lies ahead for future volumes.

As an added exclusive 2Legs bonus - we are also joined by contributing author Sara Schmidt who joined the team for Vol.2 and upcoming volumes as well. Sara talks all things Apple Scruffs and their involvement (or interference) on a very special day for Paul. Like what you hear?


For more on the projects produced by Axel Korinth and the team please check out their official Apcor brand site http://www.apcor.net/

For volume 1: http://www.apcor.net/a-is-for-apple-reprint/

For volume 2: http://www.apcor.net/a-is-for-apple-volume-2-the-winter-of-discontent-jan-mar-1969/


Also check out Sara's fantastic website:




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Episode 216 - “Coming Up”

Episode 216 - “Coming Up”

May 12, 2018
2Legs is back! In this special episode Tom Hunyady and David Gargalino give the rundown on all the latest Macca news and rumors!
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Next regular show will be the Back to the Egg Special - Mystery Science 3000 style.