Episode 120 - “Press To Play” Part I

March 25, 2017

The break is over and 2Legs is back! "Oklahoma Was Never Like This." David Gargalino, Tom Hunyady and special guest Kit O'Toole Talk More Talk on Paul McCartney's Love It or Hate It album from 1986 "Press To Play." Join us as we discuss how this album has aged over the years and how we've come to appreciate what Paul was trying to do with this album. Don't be Angry put some headphones on that Pretty Little Head and Press play!   Check out Kit's book "Songs We Were Singing" and her great series "Deep Beatles" for "Something Else Reviews." Like what youu hear? reach out to us on our Facebook page 2Legs A Paul McCartney Podcast or email us at 2legspodcast@gmail.com