2Legs: A Paul McCartney Podcast

A podcast dedicated to the solo career of Paul McCartney. Hosted by Tom Hunyady and Andy Nicholes.

Episode 85: “Eight Arms To Hold You”

April 30th, 2020

In October 2000 a text titled "Eight Arms to Hold You: The Solo Beatles Compendium" was published and quickly became what would be considered the "Holy Grail" of solo Beatles books! It is the gold standard of research, thoroughness the likes of few Beatles related texts have rarely achieved.

2Legs is back and we are excited to have authors Chip Madinger and Mark Easter on our show! Chip and Mark take us back to the beginnings of their journey and give us the history of this great book! And of course we talk about the solo career of Paul McCartney and Chip gives us an update on Volume 2 of his Lennonology series. Chip and Mark also give us the info we all need to get the updated digital version of the book. https://www.lennonology.com/Preorder_EATHY_Live.htm 

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