2Legs: A Paul McCartney Podcast

A podcast dedicated to the solo career of Paul McCartney. Hosted by Tom Hunyady and Andy Nicholes.

Episode 131: “Women and Wives”

June 12th, 2021

Episode 131 tackles a subject we have yet to take an in depth look at previously on 2Legs. Paul's relationships. Our first show outside of his musical career!

Joining Tom and Andy this week on 2Legs is Ms. Natalia Cardenas who is the host of the Podcast "She Loves You" which focuses on the women in Beatles history. Natalia's show is a breath of fresh air to the Beatles Podcast community and her subject area is one that has been overlooked. Natalia also manages a Cynthia Lennon Instagram fan page: "Cynthia Lennon Daily".

This is the first of at least a two part series. We discussed Paul's early Liverpool relationships proceeding up to and including the Jane Asher period. Our next installment will resume once Paul and Jane call it quits in 1968 prior to Linda's arrival in London during the White Album sessions.

"She Loves You" Podcast

Cynthia Lennon Instagram Fan Page

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