2Legs: A Paul McCartney Podcast

A podcast dedicated to the solo career of Paul McCartney. Hosted by Tom Hunyady and Andy Nicholes.

Episode 128: “McGear”

May 15th, 2021

Tom and Andy are back after a few weeks off and our topic today is not a Paul McCartney record! 

Paul's brother Mike McCartney who later changed his surname to McGear was is also musician and enjoyed some local UK minor success with his group The Scaffold in the 60s.

In the mid 1974 he finally released his own solo album, simply titled "McGear" and the record was made with the help of our kid and Wings! It is really a fascinating listen and in the opinion of many fans and reviewers it's considered the "lost" Wings album of 1974.

Joining Tom & Andy for Episode 128 is Tony Traguardo (Fab4Free4All Podcast) who previously spoke to us regarding the McCartney/Costello partnership last year.  Tony had a chance to interview Mike in the 1980s and was a big fan of the record going back to the 1970s.  

Like McGear? Never heard it?  Let us know!

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