2Legs: A Paul McCartney Podcast

A podcast dedicated to the solo career of Paul McCartney. Hosted by Tom Hunyady and Andy Nicholes.

Bonus Episode! Ramming On With Denny Seiwell & Fernando Perdomo

May 30th, 2022

A surprise for us! Denny Seiwell & Fernando Perdomo joined us again for a special interview yesterday!

They appeared previously on 2Legs last year when the RAM ON Tribute album first came out. Now the duo that put the tribute album together are back and planning for a live show where the full album will be played start to finish with some of the musicians who appeared on the tribute record at the famous Troubadour club in LA on July 16th.

We are incredibly proud and pleased to share our special bonus episode with Denny & Fernando with you. And if you are in the area in July please go to the show. Tickets can be found here: (https://wl.seetickets.us/wafform.aspx...)

Fernando and Denny tell us how initially it was just going to be a live show of RAM back in 2020/2021 but Covid put that on hold so they ended up doing the album instead. Now they're initial concept is realized! Congrats to Denny & Fernando on putting this together, staying true to the music and spending some time with us today.

Tom & Andy (A Special Thanks to Ethan Alexanian for technical assistance!)

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