2Legs: A Paul McCartney Podcast

Episode 217 - “A Is For Apple”

May 27, 2018

2Legs is back! In this special episode we take a look at the very cool and informative series "A is for Apple."  We are pleased to be joined by co-author Axel Korinth.  Axel gives us the rundown on the making of the books and what lies ahead for future volumes.

As an added exclusive 2Legs bonus - we are also joined by contributing author Sara Schmidt who joined the team for Vol.2 and upcoming volumes as well. Sara talks all things Apple Scruffs and their involvement (or interference) on a very special day for Paul. Like what you hear?


For more on the projects produced by Axel Korinth and the team please check out their official Apcor brand site http://www.apcor.net/

For volume 1: http://www.apcor.net/a-is-for-apple-reprint/

For volume 2: http://www.apcor.net/a-is-for-apple-volume-2-the-winter-of-discontent-jan-mar-1969/


Also check out Sara's fantastic website:




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