2Legs: A Paul McCartney Podcast

Episode 202 - “The Beatles and their Revolutionary Bass Player”

September 19, 2017

2Legs is Back! For their first interview of the new season Tom Hunyady and David Gargalino are joined by Dennis Alstrand, author of the books "The Beatles and their Revolutionary Bass Player" and "Beatles in your Soul."  David and Tom discuss the evolution of Paul McCartney's bass playing throughout his time with the Beatles (and a little solo bass bass playing as well.)  Not only does Alstrand's book discuss Macca's bass playing but also digs deep into his musicianship as well as his three band mates'. If you would like to purchase Alstrands books go to www.dennisalstrand.com or Amazon.com. Like what you hear? Check us out on our Facebook page 2Legs A Paul McCartney Podcast, Twitter @2Legspodcast or email us at www.2legspodcast@gmail.com .